ruDREAM Official beta b109_050625-1735 dm7000 FP1.06


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ruDREAM Official beta b109_050625-1735 dm7000 FP1.06

at: 25-06-2005 23:10


- updating CVS [25-06-2005]
- the mistake of the editor of installation of a priority of language of the sound channel is corrected

If you want this image on usb/hdd, you have to put same image in flash to unpack it with Flashwizard. When you are done installing on usb/hdd, you can change to a preferred image in flash.

For more information regarding ruDREAM beta images, check this link:
login: demo
password: demo
ruDREAM beta images

ruDREAM Official beta b109_050625-1735 dm7000 FP1.06
Kb: 6222


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RuDream 7000 B_1.09 .... 27/06/05 ... Rar .....

at: 27-06-2005 08:14


RuDream 7000 B_1.09 ... 25/06/05 ... Rar

- > FIX BUG .....

Enjoying for Ever ....

RuDream 7000 B_1.09 .... 27/06/05 ... Rar .....
Kb: 6145
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